It seems that I never have enough time. As soon as I leave work I feel like my mind begins to race with the many things that I need to get done and then I feel overwhelmed. It is very difficult for me to balance everything. I feel like I have to choose to accomplish the things I need to or the things I want to. I need to quit devoting so much time to what I deem necessary. No one is going to care if I haven’t vacuumed the couch or cleaned out the fridge or made the bed or watered the house plants. However, I care that I don’t finish projects that I’ve started or start projects that I want to do or teach myself new things or read or write. I hate that I gave myself a challenge to document a new recipe once a week and I couldn’t do it. Two weeks later and I was done. Now, four months later I feel embarrassed and find myself wanting to take these things on but wondering when I will find the time. I’m coming to the realization that I will have to make the time. And maybe if I make the time for the things I want to do I won’t resent the things I have to do so much.

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